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EXO-K Maknae Sehun imnida..^^

- Korean name is Oh Se Hun (오세훈) Chines name is Wu Shi Xun (吳世勛) Another name Oh Mi Ja (오미자) and Puppy (흰둥이)
- Born in Seoul, South Korea 12th April 1994
- Sehun has one older brother who three years older than him
- Height 181cm in EXO he was the fourth highest after Kris, Chanyeol, and Kai.. and now maybe his become the fifth since Tao highis almost equivalent to Kris
- Weight 63,5 kg
- Sehun has a name given to him by his hyung that Baek Gu (white) and Albino, it was because he is very white
- At Mengniu Music Billboard Interview sehun said  "Also at a young age in yaers 6 at premary when i was having fried rice cakes with my friends i was eating over there a lady gave me a card  she asked me if i wanted to audition i was than chosen into the company" and MC quetion "Did you know anything in year 6? didn't you think that is was a weird woman?" and than he answer and make to all members lauhging "Yes, that's what i thought so that's why i ran away and ran for 30 mins but they kept following me.. because my mom told to me to ran away from strangers under any circumstances because i was little, i was afraid" MC "How long did you train for ?" Sehun answer "Abaout 5 years". So he joined to SMent when his 12 years old
- Still in the same event, Kai bully Sehun. He told Sehun speak quickly "Sehun hurry up..hurry up.." when Sehun time talking about fans in China and Sehun was hit to Kai
- In EXO-K dorm Sehun shares room with Suho 
- Sehun doesn't like to be called "oppa" by his female fans, he preferit  called "sehun-ah" 
- In EXO he was very close to Luhan
 - Sehun had bought a deer hanger "bimbi" to Luhan in London and Luhan retaliate by buying Sehun caps in china because Sehun like to wear caps
- Many thought Sehun and Luhan are siblings before debut or still a trainee in SMent because both of them facial resemblance
- Sehun really like drinking Bubble Tea and he always invites Luhan to drink bubble tea milk with him
- Sehun like Choco Bubble Tea
- Sehun say " My ideal type is some one who bubbly, clean and neat" Sina Live Chat
- Sehun send a video messages to Luhan in Sina Live Chat "Xi Lu, we haven’t drank bubble tea together for a long time already. Let’s go drink some bubble tea and have a chat soon. I always love you. Saranghaeyo hyung”
- Conducted Q&A time on stage with all EXO members he will not took over to answer if the MC didnt ask something to him
- When asked, he would answer with a strange answer maybe because he was nervous and didnt know what to say and that make his hyung laughed at him
- Sehun is least aware the camera when he highlighted by the fans
- In the environment SM, Sehun close to Super Junior Donghae, SHINee Taemin and f(x) Amber
- Donghae never thought that Sehun would douse with water when SMTown Singapore
- Donghae replied Sehun deliberately watered with water and pretend not to see if he Sehun
- Sehun and Donghae also went and comeback along to the opening Yesung Super Junior cafe Mouse and Rabbit
- SMTown Seoul at the end of he dance "Only One" with Amber
- Sehun love to flush the water into his hyung body and hyung just laughing at the naughty maknae
- Sehun always like to bite his hand markers in fansign
- Sehun often hitting his Hyung if didn't want told by his hyung to do something
- Sehun along with Chanyeol follow the style of the Super Junior when Super Junior won at Mnet Asia Music Award 2012 "Uri Syupe June-OR"
- Sehun writa a little personal of his diary 
"Oh Sehun
Ambition: President
Interest: Listening to music
Expertise: Running
Good point: A lot of smiles
Religion: Christian
Bad point: Joker
What I hate: Dogs fierce
What I love: Dogs
Oh sehun
Got three personality
Warm, ignorant, a cheery smile"
- Contents from Sehun diary
"Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Title: 12345678 Class

First grade teacher is quite creepy but very good classmates
The second grade teacher is not so fierce as first class but he still kinda creepy too
Third grade children always throw the kids out of my class (that is not like the third grade children in
Sehun class)
The fourth grade teacher was not so creepy, and his disciples also good
The fifth grade teacher was replaced, he was a sweet man
Sixth grade teacher was a special teacher activities and although he sometimes creepy some time, there are moments of fun who makes it interesting
Seventh grade teacher was always joking with us
Eighth grade physical education teacher is a teacher so he trained us in gym class 
The diary from Sehun..."
-Sehun writing of his diary about Milk
"November 23th 2006
Title: Milk
Milk from school. Top grade milk. When you drink the milk it has a rich taste. In the winter milk is aromatic. Milk with calcium. Double the times better than normal milk. Milk with 8g fat."
- At the Just Love JK interview Sehun said that he liked the ring of his fans and he always wore
- In an interview Sehun asked to show his power and when he tried it his hyung help wind blew at him
- Sehun like moving his mouth in any case he would move it like there is a bad taste in the mouth
- When EXO win in Mnet 2012 Lay looks very happy and he raised Sehun
- Almost in every interview Sehun issued aegyo flagship, 'Bbuing bbuing'. Never once did he Shim Shim TaPa another aegyo is 'High Kick 2 Rabbits Hwang Jung Eum' and that requests from Suho
- Sehun once joked to Tao by pretending to be kissing Tao and Tao just patted Sehun cheek
- At Showcase in Korea and the song History, Sehun got confused and some times one motion
- When D.O and Baekhyun sing What is Love on the Yeosu Expo show, Sehun standing behind the stage to sing along as if he were singing
- Kai had accidentally sneeze when suho was talking on M!Countdown after that all the members immediately apologized and bent down but Sehun not want to bend over to apologize
- Sehun been doing somersaults in the event Sukira Piano Concert
- At the SBS Gayo Daejun Kris interesting Sehun and Suho to sit beside him as it was Sehun almost fell and his just smile
- In MBC Gayo Daejun 2012 Sehun wear gloves on the left and right hand glove worn Kai
I think Sehun force is Aegyo not Winds because he can show it if asked^^ see ya...

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